Top 20 ‘Chicken With Feathers on Feet’ Lifespan, Bathing Care, Cost, Genetics, and Care Tips

Chicken breeds with feathers on their feet possess a distinct and captivating charm. These feathered beauties are known for their unique physical characteristics, which set them apart from other chicken breeds.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 20 chicken breeds with feathers on their feet, their daily diet, gestation period (incubation), sleeping habits, temperament, physical traits, preferred habitats, and lifestyles.

Chicken With Feathers on Feet is charming birds, exploring their lifespan, bathing care, cost, the genetics behind feathered feet, and essential care tips for keeping them happy and healthy.

Chicken With Feathers on Feet

Top 20 Chicken Breeds With Feathers on Their Feet

  1. Cochin: Known for their fluffy feathered legs and friendly disposition.
  2. Silkie: Renowned for their soft, fur-like feathers and gentle nature.
  3. Brahma: Majestic and large, with heavily feathered feet.
  4. Faverolles: Sporting muffs and a beard, with feathered legs.
  5. Marans: Famous for their chocolate-brown eggs and feathered shanks.
  6. Dorking: Distinguished by five toes and feathered feet.
  7. Sultan: A rare breed with a regal appearance and feathered legs.
  8. Booted Bantam: Miniature chickens with heavily feathered feet.
  9. Cochin Bantam: A smaller version of the Cochin breed.
  10. Brahma Bantam: Miniature Brahma chickens with feathered legs.
  11. Houdan: Known for their crested heads and feathered feet.
  12. Polish: Unique crests and feathered feet make them stand out.
  13. Sicilian Buttercup: Recognized by their distinctive comb and feathered shanks.
  14. Barbu d’Uccle: Belgian bantams with a charming appearance.
  15. Sablepoot: Small and friendly with feathered feet.
  16. Dutch Bantam: Miniature chickens with feathered legs.
  17. Japanese Bantam: Tiny birds with feathered legs and tails.
  18. Mille Fleur d’Uccle: Belgian bantams known for their coloration.
  19. Belgian d’Anvers: Compact and feather-footed.
  20. Rosecomb Bantam: Miniature chickens with a rose-shaped comb.

Daily Diet of Chicken Breeds With Feathers on Their Feet

The nutritional needs of these chickens are similar to other breeds, requiring a balanced diet of grains, vegetables, and protein sources. Adequate hydration is essential for their overall health and egg production.

Gestation Period (Incubation) of Chicken Breeds With Feathers on Their Feet

The incubation period for eggs of these chicken breeds is approximately 21 days. During this time, maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is crucial for successful hatching.

Sleeping Time of Chicken Breeds With Feathers on Their Feet

Chickens generally sleep at night, seeking shelter in coops or roosting bars. They require about 8-10 hours of sleep per night to stay healthy and active during the day.

Temperament of Chicken Breeds With Feathers on Their Feet

Feather-footed chicken breeds are known for their calm and friendly dispositions. They often make excellent additions to backyard flocks due to their docile nature.

Physical Characteristics of Chicken Breeds With Feathers on Their Feet

The most striking feature of these breeds is, of course, their feathered legs and feet. They also come in various colors and sizes, adding to their visual appeal.

Preferred Habitat of Chicken Breeds With Feathers on Their Feet

Providing a safe and comfortable coop or enclosure is essential for these chickens. They appreciate access to outdoor space for scratching and dust bathing.

Behavior and Lifestyle of Chicken Breeds With Feathers on Their Feet

These chickens exhibit a peaceful lifestyle, enjoying foraging, scratching, and socializing with other flock members. They thrive in environments where they can engage in these natural behaviors.

Lifespan of Feathered Feet Chickens

The lifespan of chickens with feathers on their feet is similar to that of other chicken breeds, typically ranging from 5 to 10 years. Proper care, nutrition, and a safe environment can contribute to a longer and healthier life.

Bathing Care for Feathered Feet Chickens

Maintaining the cleanliness of feathered feet is essential for these breeds. Regular inspections, occasional foot baths, and keeping coop bedding clean can help prevent issues like mites or infections.

Cost of Feathered Feet Chickens

The cost of chickens with feathers on their feet can vary widely depending on the breed, lineage, and breeder reputation. Rare or ornamental breeds may come at a higher price, while more common varieties can be more affordable.

Genetics of Feathered Feet in Chickens

The presence of feathers on a chicken’s feet is a genetic trait. It can be either dominant or recessive, depending on the breed. Understanding the genetics behind feathered feet can help breeders and enthusiasts predict offspring traits.

How to Take Care of Feathered Feet Chickens

Taking care of chickens with feathers on their feet involves providing them with appropriate shelter, nutrition, and attention. Adequate space, a balanced diet, and regular health checks are essential aspects of their care.

Notable Black Chicken with Feathered Feet

One striking example of a black chicken breed with feathers on its legs and feet is the Ayam Cemani. Known for its all-black appearance, including feathers, skin, and even internal organs, this breed is highly sought after for its unique beauty.


Chicken breeds with feathers on their feet add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any flock. Understanding their characteristics, care requirements, and endearing personalities can make them delightful additions to your poultry family.

Feathered feet chickens are a captivating addition to any poultry flock. Understanding their lifespan, bathing care, cost, genetics, and proper care techniques is essential for keeping these unique and charming birds happy and healthy.