How To Fix ‘CompatTelRunner.exe’ High CPU and Disk Usage

CompatTelRunner.exe is a method used to update your system to the latest Operating System Version or any other Service Pack Upgrades.

The CompatTelRunner.exe is also used for diagnosis on your computer to check if there is any chances of compatibility issues and also assembles program telemetry information if opted-in to the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.

CompatTelRunner.exe High CPU and Disk Usage slows down your PC, so every user wants to get rid of it. Many of the users also mentioned that there are multiple CompatTelRunner.exe files in the Task Manager that consumes CPU and Disk Usage.

This process is not really needed to be performed, it can be deleted but you should run the compatibility checks to diagnose the system by itself. This file is located in the Sytsem32 folder and it is possessed by the TrustedInstaller.

And if you try to modify this, you will encounter an error “Access is denied”. This simply means that you cannot delete or modify it in any way. It happens only because TrustedInstaller is the owner of this process and it only performs Read Only permission over it. Hence, you can change it or modify it.

CompatTelRunner.exe, a somewhat mysterious-sounding process, is a core component in Microsoft Windows. While its name may raise questions, it serves an important role in ensuring the compatibility, stability, and overall performance of your Windows operating system.

In this article, we will delve into the details of CompatTelRunner.exe, including what it does, its safety, common causes of high CPU usage, the debate on whether to disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, and the purpose it serves in your Windows environment.

What is CompatTelRunner.exe?

CompatTelRunner.exe is an executable file associated with the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry service in Windows. Its primary function is to collect data related to system and application compatibility and send it to Microsoft for analysis.

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This information helps Microsoft improve the performance, stability, and compatibility of Windows for all users.

What Does Compat Tel Runner Do?

CompatTelRunner.exe collects and processes data about your system’s software and hardware configuration, installed applications, and how they interact with the operating system. This data is then sent to Microsoft for analysis.

Is CompatTelRunner.exe Safe?

Safety of CompatTelRunner.exe: CompatTelRunner.exe is a legitimate Windows process and is generally safe. It is not a virus, malware, or a security threat. Its purpose is to enhance your Windows experience by helping Microsoft identify and resolve compatibility issues.

Causes of CompatTelRunner.exe High CPU Error

Common Causes of High CPU Usage: High CPU usage related to CompatTelRunner.exe can occur due to various reasons, such as:

  • Large volumes of data being processed.
  • Running compatibility checks for numerous applications.
  • Other system or software-related issues.

How to Fix CompatTelRunner.exe High CPU and Disk Usage Problem

Solution 1 — Disable CompatTelRunner.exe in Task Scheduler

The next method is to disable CompatTelRunner.exe from the Task Manager. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Press R, withholding the Windows key. Now type taskchd.msc and Click OK.

2. After this expand Task Scheduler. Go to the Library and then navigate to Microsoft. Then select Windows. Now select Application Experience from the Windows.

3. At last, right-click on any of the tasks named as Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser and the select Disable.

Solution 2 — Take ownership of CompatTellRunner.exe and Delete

Before proceeding, make sure that you are logged in as an administrator and do not skip any steps below.

1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard, or click on the Windows icon at the end of the taskbar, to open your Start menu.

2. A search box will appear type compattelrunner.exe. Keep in mind that you don’t open the file named compattelrunner, and instead right-click on it.

3. From the dropdown menu select Open the Location. Or, Press R by holding the Windows key. Type C:\Windows|System32 and then type CompatTelrunner.exe in the search bar.

4. Once you are inside the folder, look for the Compattelrunner.exe file and right-click on it. From the menu select Properties.

5. A window will open, select the Security tab, and click on the Advanced button inside.

6. Find the Owner tab, and chose Change owner. A list of new owners will appear to select the account you use and then click on Apply.

7. Close the prompts that warn you to close all Properties window. Next, you should change the permissions after you have changed the owner. For that, right-click on the Compattelrunner.exe file again and open Properties.

8. Go to the Security tab and once again click on Advanced. Select Permissions, a list will appear to select the account you are using. A new window with permission options will appear.

9. Select Full Control and click Apply under the Allow column.

After all the steps performed the ownership transfers from the TrustedInstaller to you, and you will have the full control. You won’t face the error “Access is denied”. You are free to delete it and it will not take over many resources from your system.

There are some solutions to run to delete the entire update. But do not use the KB2977759, as it may create a mess with the entire schedule of Windows Update. Follow the steps mentioned to delete the file safely and your computer will run effectively.

Should I Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry?

The Purpose of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry: Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry plays a crucial role in Windows by collecting data that helps Microsoft identify and fix compatibility issues, improve security, and enhance the overall performance of the operating system. Disabling it can impact your ability to receive important updates and fixes.

Is It Safe to Disable Compattelrunner.exe? While you can disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, it is not recommended for most users. Disabling it may prevent your system from benefiting from important updates and fixes, and it may not significantly improve performance.

When to Consider Disabling: If you have privacy concerns about data collection, you might consider disabling telemetry. However, it’s important to understand the potential consequences, such as missing out on critical updates.

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Once you are done with all the above steps restart your device and check whether the problem remains. We have provided all the solutions that might help you to get rid of the error CompatTelRunner.exe.

If you find the error occurring again, try performing the above methods from the beginning and get out of it. CompatTelRunner.exe, as part of the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry service, plays an integral role in improving the performance, stability, and compatibility of Windows.

While the idea of data collection may raise privacy concerns for some users, it’s essential to recognize the benefits it brings in terms of system improvement and security. For most users, disabling CompatTelRunner.exe or Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is not recommended, as it can hinder your Windows experience.

However, users with privacy concerns can explore options for managing telemetry settings within Windows to strike a balance between performance and data privacy.