How To Fix ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet’ Error in Chrome

Domain Name Server (DNS) is the component that helps you access the internet and load web pages from a host. When this feature malfunctions or is missing on your computer, your web page altogether would be unlikely to load, thus restricting you from performing any subsequent internet-related activities.

Instead, it will cause your screen to display an error titled ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet.’

Browsing the internet is a vital part of our daily lives, but sometimes you might encounter frustrating issues like the “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” error. This error message often appears on both Macbook Pro and Windows computers, disrupting your internet connectivity.


In this article, we will explore the meaning of the “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” error, investigate the common causes behind it, and provide solutions for resolving it on both Macbook Pro and Windows systems.

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What is DNS Probe Finished No Internet?

The “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” error is a browser message that indicates your device was unable to establish a connection to a specific website.

It suggests a DNS (Domain Name System) resolution issue, meaning your device could not translate the website’s domain name into an IP address to access it.

Causes of DNS Probe Finished No Internet

DNS Configuration Issues: Incorrect or misconfigured DNS settings on your computer can lead to this error. It may result from manually changing DNS settings, using a faulty DNS server, or problems with your ISP’s DNS.

Network Connectivity Problems: Issues with your network connection, such as a weak Wi-Fi signal, disconnected Ethernet cable, or router problems, can cause this error.

Browser or System Settings: Sometimes, browser or system settings, such as proxy configurations or incorrect firewall rules, can interfere with DNS resolution, leading to this error.

How To Fix DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet in Google Chrome

Now that you know why DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet error may occur for you let us move towards looking at ways to eliminate it. The methods suggested below are applicable for all versions of Windows: 7, 8 and even 10.

Solution 1 — Clear Cache of Browser

Next up, cleaning the cached data on your browser can be of great help when trying to get rid of an error like this. Cached files tend to interfere with the network’s functioning, and may restrict the webpage from running smoothly, or at all. Here is how you can clear it out:

1. Go to the settings of your browser. Find the option labeled ‘More Tools‘ and click on it.

2. Under the tools, click on the option ‘Clear Browsing Data‘ and exit your settings. Re-launch the browser to see if you receive the error.

Solution 2 — Change Firewall Settings

1. To start with, go to the Start menu on your computer. In the search bar, type the words “Windows Firewall.” This will display all the features associated with the software.

2. You will notice a list of programs that your software allows, and others that it disallows.

3. If you see Google Chrome under the disallowed column, switch it to the allowed column.

4. Close the window and restart your computer. Try opening Chrome to see if the error occurs.

If you did not find Google Chrome under the disallowed column, then your antivirus software is probably not what is causing a problem. In this case, move onto the next solution.

Solution 3 — Using Command Prompt

A lot of times, a simple fault or mishap in your computer’s network settings could be the reason why your DNS error is occurring. In such a case, resetting your network is all it takes to rectify the problem. The steps to go about doing so are as follows:

1. First up, press the Windows key and ‘X‘ at the same time. From the menu that opens, select the option that says ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’.

2. Once it runs(as administrator), type the words “netsh Winsock reset” and press Enter.

3. You can now proceed towards closing the Command Prompt and restarting your system.

Once restarted, try opening a webpage on Chrome. It should be able to connect with the host effortlessly. If not, move onto the next solution.

Solution 4 — Re-Install Browser

Moving on, another way to eliminate the DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet error is by reinstalling your internet browser as a whole. This process does come with certain setbacks as you may lose the changes you made with your browser.

However, you can definitely retrieve them once you finish reinstalling it. Steps for doing so are below:

1. Start by going to the Control Panel of your system. There are several ways to do this, so follow the one appropriate for your particular Windows version.

2. In the Control Panel, go to the option ‘Programs.’

3. On the new screen, click on the option ‘Uninstall or Change a Program‘ and navigate to Google Chrome. Once found, uninstall it.

4. You can then go to the official website to download it again. Once the process is complete, make sure to restart your system before you check for the error.

This method has a very high success rate, so it should probably work for you too. However, in the rare case that it does not, check below.

Solution 5 — Change The DNS Address

As mentioned before, the DNS plays an important role in loading the particular webpage that you have instructed it to. It has the prime function of matching your commands with the address of the respective site in order to have it appear on your computer.

However, sometimes, the DNS gives problems that can be rectified by changing its address:

1. First, open the Control Panel of your computer.

2. From the options, select the one that says ‘Network and Internet‘ to open it.

3. On the new screen, select the ‘Network and Sharing Center‘ from the list of options.

4. Once done, click on ‘View Network Status‘ followed by ‘Change adapter settings‘ on the left-hand side of your screen.

5. Once redirected, right-click on your particular wireless connection and select ‘Properties.’

6. Navigate to the option labeled ‘Internet Protocol Version 4‘ and once again click on the button ‘Properties‘ that appears below.

7. Click on ‘Use the following DNS server addresses,’ and save your changes. Exit the window, and try launching your browser.

This method is a slightly complicated one, so make sure to follow the exact steps if you want to rectify the problem. If it does not work, move onto solution.

Solution 6 — Disable DNS Prediction Services Or Fix DNS Probe

Making a few changes in the DNS settings of your very browser could be the answer to the problem for a case like this. Follow the steps below:

1. Start by going to the Google Chrome settings on your computer.

2. Select the option ‘Show Advanced Settings‘ at the bottom of the screen.

3. In the Advanced Settings, uncheck the box next to the option ‘Use Prediction Services to Load the Pages more Quickly‘.

4. Restart your browser to check if the error appears.

Solution 7 — Change Your IP Address Using Command Prompt

If the earlier Command Prompt method did not work for you, below is a similar one you can try out to resolve the DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet error:

1. To start with, go to the Command Prompt of your computer and feed the word “ipconfig /release” onto the field and press Enter.

2. Similarly, type in “ipconfig /renew“, and press Enter once again.

3. One last time, type in “ipconfig /flushdns” to remove the DNS, and hit Enter.

4. Finally, close the Command Prompt window and reboot your system. Re-launch your browser to see if the error occurs.

How to Resolve DNS Probe Finished No Internet on Macbook Pro

Clear DNS Cache:

  • Open Terminal on your Macbook Pro.
  • Type “sudo dscacheutil -flushcache” and press Enter.
  • Then, restart your computer.

Change DNS Settings:

  • Go to “System Preferences” > “Network.”
  • Select your active network connection (e.g., Wi-Fi).
  • Click “Advanced” and go to the “DNS” tab.
  • Add Google’s DNS servers ( and and click “OK.”

Reset Network Configuration:

  • Open Terminal and type “sudo dscacheutil -flushcache.”
  • Then type “sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder.”
  • Restart your Macbook Pro.

How to Resolve DNS Probe Finished No Internet on Windows

Reset Winsock:

  • Press Win + X and select “Command Prompt (Admin).”
  • Type “netsh winsock reset” and press Enter.
  • Restart your computer.

Renew IP and Flush DNS:

  • Open Command Prompt as administrator.
  • Type “ipconfig /release” and press Enter.
  • Then type “ipconfig /renew” and press Enter.
  • Finally, type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press Enter.

Change DNS Server:

  • Open “Network and Sharing Center” from Control Panel.
  • Click on your active network connection.
  • Go to “Properties,” select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4),” and click “Properties.”
  • Choose “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter Google’s DNS servers ( and

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The End

However, if you continue to receive the DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet error, then your best shot could be to approach a formal operator or technical support for rectifying the problem.

The “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” error can be an annoyance, disrupting your internet browsing experience.

Whether you’re using a Macbook Pro or a Windows computer, understanding the common causes and following the solutions provided in this article can help you overcome the issue and restore seamless internet connectivity.

By addressing DNS configuration problems, network connectivity issues, and adjusting DNS server settings, you can often resolve this error and enjoy uninterrupted web browsing.