How To Fix ‘Windows Spotlight Not Working’ Error in Windows 10

Are you troubled by the Windows Spotlight Not Working error? Windows spotlight is a unique feature that downloads images from Bing and displays it on the lock screen. It is there in all versions of windows.

There is also a feedback system for users whether they liked the picture or not. It also offers occasionally suggestions on the lock screen. It is a prevalent feature as it displays a new image on the lock screen each day.

It gives a new look each day whenever sign in But as we know, nothing is perfect, so sometimes you may experience some problems. The image can be stuck on the lock screen, or the feature suddenly stops its work.

How to Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Error on Windows 10

We have come up with lots of solutions to help you overcome the Windows spotlight, not working problem. The solutions are mentioned below:

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Solution 1 — Run Troubleshooter

1. Press ‘Windows + R‘ and type “Control Panel” in the dialogue box and click enter

2. Control panel will be opened. Type “Troubleshoot” in the search box of the control panel in the top right of the window

3. Select “Troubleshooting” from the list of results obtained

4. Click “View All” in the troubleshooting menu. By doing this, the windows will populate all the troubleshooters available in your computer

5. Find the “System Maintenance” in the list of the options obtained from above and click on it

6. Now System Maintenance troubleshooter will be launched. Click on the Advanced located inside the troubleshooter and select the option “Run as administrator.” Tick the box which says, “Apply Repairs Automatically.”

7. Windows will check for the error and notify you if found any. It will also try to repair the errors by itself

8. Restart your computer and check if spotlight works correctly

Solution 2 — Disable the Metered Connection

A setting is present in WiFi or Network Settings named “Set as metered connection’. It means minimizing data usage by disabling some of its applications and features. The same case applies to Windows Spotlight because it downloads images regularly.

We can try disabling the option of metered connection and check if the issue is resolved or not

1. Make sure that you are connected to a working internet connection. Apply the shortcut ‘Windows + S’ to see the search bar of the start menu. Then open the settings

2. Click on the option ‘Network and Internet’ from the options in the settings

3. After opening Network and Internet, Click on “Change connection properties” which is present under Network status

4. Untick the checkbox of “Set as metered connection” to disable the metered connection. It will remove your network from the category of network flagged as metered connections.

5. Restart your computer and check that the Windows Spotlight is started working correctly

Solution 3 — Select Spotlight

Re-selecting the spotlight is one of those secure solutions. By re-enabling the spotlight, the computer will Restart all the processes, and it will activate the spotlight in the settings and configurations again.

It will clear all the old memories of the spotlight, and the Windows spotlight not working Issue can be resolved very easily

1. Apply the shortcut ‘Windows + S’ to see the search bar of the start menu. After that, search for settings in the dialogue box. Then open the settings

2. Select the word ‘Personalization’ in the settings menu. It would be second from the top Right Word.

3. Select Lock Screen in the personalization panel, which is present at the left side of the screen.

4. Next step is to Select Picture from the drop-down menu in the lock screen and wait for some time till the picture is reviewed properly

5. Go back to settings and then come back to the lock screen settings. Click on the drop-down button once again and select Windows Spotlight. Wait for some time until the picture is appropriately reviewed.

6. Close settings and then reboot your computer. Check that the spotlight starts working correctly. Always remember that working internet is required for downloading pictures

Solution 4 — Remove Mail and Calendar from the Lock Screen

Windows syncs with your live account due to which it fetches information regarding the email and calendar. These things can be shown on your screen, and it is already enabled by default.

It is possible that there can be some problems with the synchronization process. That’s why your Windows spotlight is not updating, and because of this updating error, the spotlight may also refuse to load new images.

Let us try disabling these utilities and check again for the Windows spotlight not working issue:

1. Apply the shortcut ‘Windows + S‘ to see the search bar of the start menu and type weather in the dialogue box.

2. After the weather has opened, click on the settings present at the bottom left of the screen.

3. Go into the general tab and find the setting name ‘Launch Location.’ Make sure that it is set as ‘Default Location.’ Then exit the weather application.

4. Press ‘Windows + S‘ and search for lock screen, then open it.

5. Click on the mail icon present in the heading ‘Choose apps to show quick status.’ Select None at the top. The same process should be done for the calendar. Now uncheck the option ‘Show lock screen background on the sign-in screen.’

6. At last, Restart your computer and check if the Spotlight starts working.

Solution 5 — Delete the Spotlight Folder Contents

Deleting all the files of pictures in the spotlight and also remaining folders can also give the solution. When all the content is deleted, then windows know that the content is missing. So it will update the folder automatically and will download all the remaining files.

1. Apply the shortcut ‘Windows + S‘ to see the search bar of the start menu and type settings in the dialogue box.

2. Select ‘Personalization‘ which is located second from top right.

3. Select ‘Lock Screen0’, which is present on the left side of the screen.

4. Then select ‘Picture’ in the lock screen and wait for some time for the picture to review properly.

5. Quit from the settings and go into the following file location. Replace the word user with your profile’s username.


6. If any folder is missing, it means “View hidden items” is not enabled. Click on ‘View’ present in File Explorer and tick the items which say “Hidden items.”

7. Delete the contents in this folder and exit.

8. Now go back to lock screen settings and turn on Windows Spotlight again. Restart the computer and check that issue is resolved.

If the above method doesn’t work, you can also delete the Assets folder:

1. After disabling Windows Spotlight in your settings.

2. Delete all content in the assets folder.

3. At last enable Windows Spotlight again and restart the computer.

Solution 6 — Create a New Local Account

It is possible that the Windows spotlight not working issue can be due to error in your profile or administrator hasn’t given access. So making a new account is also the right choice.

1. Press ‘Windows + S‘ and search settings in the dialogue box. Click on accounts in it

2. Select “Family and other Users” present at the left side of the window

3. After coming in it, select “Add Someone Else to This PC.”

4. Windows will guide you for the rest of the instructions on how to create a new account. When the new window comes, click on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.”

5. Tap on the option “Add a user without Microsoft.”

6. Type all the details and choose a smart password

7. Here, Repeat Step 1.

8. You will see the option “Sign in with a local account instead.” Sign in with it

9. Restart your computer and check if the spotlight works correctly. If yes, you can move your personal files and settings.

10. Now go into Settings, followed by accounts. Go into your account and select the option “Sign in with a Microsoft Account.”

11. Enter your details and sign in.

Solution 7 — Register in the Spotlight

If you have tried all the above solutions, then the last option is we can try registering in the spotlight again. Please don’t try this solution if you haven’t tried the earlier ones. Close all applications.

1. Press ‘Windows + S‘ and search bar of the start menu will open. Write “Cortana” in the dialogue box and open it.

2. Uncheck all the options in the Settings menu. It will turn off “Cortana” from the Computer.

3. Press Windows + S and search bar of the start menu will open. Write “lock screen” in the dialogue box and open it.

4. Select “Picture” in the lock screen and wait till the picture is reviewed properly

5. Close settings. Press ‘Windows + S’ and type “PowerShell.” Click on the run as administrator after doing right click on the PowerShell.

6. Execute the following list of commands in the PowerShell and tap enter after each one.

dism /online /cleanup-image /restore health

sfc /scannow


Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers |Where-Object {$_.InstallLocation -like “*SystemApps*”} | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

7. Re-enable the Cortana using the same steps as above.

8. Enable Windows spotlight again by going to the lock screen settings and then selecting Windows Spotlight. Wait for some time till the picture is visible in the preview window.

Solution 8 — Disable the Proxy Settings

1. Press ‘Windows + S‘ to open the search bar. Type ‘proxy’ in the dialogue box and open it

2. Select LAN Settings present at the near end of the Window.

3. Untick the box “Use a proxy server for your LAN.” Select OK to save.

4. Check that Spotlight is working or not

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The End

I hope this Windows spotlight not working Error should be fixed by now. If in case all the above methods don’t work, you will have to go for the alternative of Spotlight like a dynamic theme.