‘Lolo Soetoro Net Worth’ Age, Height, Family, Career And Marital Status

Lolo Soetoro is a name often associated with the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, as his stepfather. However, there is much more to Lolo Soetoro’s life than this connection.

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing details of Lolo Soetoro’s life, including his net worth at the time of his death, age, height, personal background, parents, wife, children, grandchildren, and his professional journey as a geologist.

Lolo Soetoro Net Worth

Lolo Soetoro Early Life and Personal Details

Lolo Soetoro was born on January 2, 1935, in Indonesia. His parents, Martodihardjo and Siti Habibah, raised him in a culturally rich environment. Lolo’s height is recorded at around 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm), but it’s his character and achievements that truly stand out.

Lolo Soetoro Family Background

Lolo Soetoro’s family played a significant role in shaping his life. His marriage to Stanley Ann Dunham, an American anthropologist, and mother of Barack Obama, brought him into the spotlight.

Together, they had two children, Maya and Yusuf, who later became Barack Obama’s half-siblings. Lolo Soetoro’s role as a husband and father was an essential part of his life.

Lolo Soetoro Professional Background as a Geologist

Lolo Soetoro was not only a family man but also a distinguished geologist. He pursued his passion for geology, contributing to the field with his expertise. While specific details of his geological career are not widely known, his dedication to the sciences left a lasting impact.

Lolo Soetoro Net Worth at Death

Determining Lolo Soetoro’s exact net worth at the time of his death is challenging due to limited public information. However, it is believed that his net worth primarily consisted of his earnings as a geologist and contributions to his family.

Lolo Soetoro Legacy and Impact

Lolo Soetoro’s legacy extends beyond his professional achievements. His role in the life of Barack Obama and his dedication to his family are part of his lasting impact. While he may not be widely recognized, his influence on those close to him cannot be underestimated.

Lolo Soetoro’s Passing and Cause of Death

Lolo Soetoro passed away on March 2, 1987. The cause of his death was complications related to liver disease. His untimely passing marked the end of a significant chapter in the lives of those who knew him.

Lolo Soetoro on Social Media

While Lolo Soetoro lived in a different era, his legacy continues to be discussed on social media platforms. People often share memories and insights into his life, contributing to the ongoing conversation about his influence.

Lolo Soetoro’s Nationality

Lolo Soetoro was Indonesian by nationality. Born and raised in Indonesia, his heritage played a vital role in shaping his identity.

Lolo Soetoro Education and Professional Life

Lolo Soetoro pursued his education in Indonesia and the United States. He attended the University of Hawaii, where he met Stanley Ann Dunham, who would later become his wife. Lolo’s education and career as a geologist were significant aspects of his life.

Lolo Soetoro Past Relationships

Lolo Soetoro’s most well-known relationship was with Stanley Ann Dunham, with whom he had two children. His role as the stepfather of Barack Obama had a lasting impact on both their lives.

Lolo Soetoro Residence

Lolo Soetoro’s residence in Hawaii was well-documented. His home in Honolulu was a place where he shared moments with his family and built a life in the United States.

Lolo Soetoro Awards and Achievements

While Lolo Soetoro’s specific awards and achievements are not widely known, his contributions to the field of geology were undoubtedly commendable. He made his mark in the scientific community.

10 Fascinating Facts about Lolo Soetoro’s Life

  1. Lolo Soetoro’s full name was Lolo Soetoro Martodihardjo.
  2. He was known for his warm and welcoming personality.
  3. Lolo Soetoro’s passion for geology was a driving force in his career.
  4. He was fluent in both Indonesian and English.
  5. Lolo Soetoro’s marriage to Stanley Ann Dunham created a unique family dynamic.
  6. He had a close bond with his stepson, Barack Obama.
  7. Lolo Soetoro’s life was marked by a balance between his professional and family responsibilities.
  8. His contributions to the sciences left a lasting impact.
  9. Lolo Soetoro’s legacy continues through his family and those who remember him.
  10. His passing was a significant loss to those who knew and loved him.


In conclusion, Lolo Soetoro’s life was marked by his contributions to the field of geology, his role as a husband and father, and his connection to one of the most influential figures in modern history, Barack Obama.

While specific financial details remain private, his legacy lives on through his family and those who knew him.

This article has provided a comprehensive look into Lolo Soetoro’s life, touching upon his net worth, personal details, family background, and professional journey as a geologist.